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About Us

DAC Assocs business is about “Information Technology solutions”. We specialise in a wide range of technical solutions.

DAC Assocs objective is to be there, when you think you don’t need us, providing a service of the highest quality and yet at a cost-efficient price.

Our Services

IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultants objective should be to evaluate a company’s IT system to help them meet their business objectives.

IT Maintenance & Monitoring

IT technical support should monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure of an organisation.

IT Security & Disaster Recovery

​A disaster recovery plan is a documented, structured approach with instructions for responding to unplanned incidents.

IT Managed Support

Outsourcing on a proactive basis certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and bring about cost savings.

IT Storage

​Reviewing your current storage and it’s projective growth. DAC Assocs Ltd will identify and recommend a cost-effective solution that meets your needs today, but will also give you the ability to increase capacity as you need it.

IT Virtualisation & Cloud Solutions

Virtualisation has many great benefits. Cost saving, Fast server builds, Space saving to name a few.

IT Networking

​Knowing what is in your network is the backbone of any IT Infrastructure. Network switches, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points and maybe Routers.

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